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All dolled up.


All day, everyday.. Like no one else could ever give it to you .


Some horror films I’m looking forward to!

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Maybe it’s cos I just drank a whole bottle of wine


pero major shout out to pincheroxiee, beanaaaaa, and sirenasdetitan for being my tumblr besties lol. Idk if the feeling is mutual but I only follow 100 blogs so you guys all up on my dash. Quisiera poder ponernos bn pedas and like pistearnos el dolor or beat up men o lo q sea pero juntas lol. Look at me getting all accion poetica on yo asses. You best all follow each other.

Ya se nota q estoy medio peda? Lmao

Lmfaooo. I love you, dude. Fuck all these putos. 😞 At least we got eachother. 😒 Stay strong, Kaitlyn! ✊ Fuck these putos.



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no wonder my dog does this 😢 I just thought he was an asshole

No wonder Canelo likes to throw hands. 😒
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Manifestación Mexicana en Solidaridad con Palestina exigiendo un ¡ALTO A LA OFENSIVA MILITAR ISRAELÍ CONTRA GAZA! 

Palestina México Corsopal 

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These made 2013 a dope year!



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Happy birthday to meee😁❤️🎂

"I fell in love with the world in you."

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